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Red Patterson's Piedmont Log Rollers Songs list
Red Rat Tracks list
Red Sovine Songs list
Red, Tampa Songs list
Redd Eyezz Tracks list
Redding, Otis Songs list | Tracks list
Redfoo Tracks list
Redman Tracks list
RedOne Tracks list
Reed, Francine Tracks list
Reed, Jimmy Songs list
Reed, Lou Songs list | Albums list | Tracks list
Refused Songs list
Regents, The Songs list
Regina Spektor Songs list | Albums list | Tracks list
Reid, Junior Tracks list
Reid, Terry Songs list
Relient K Songs list | Albums list | Tracks list
Rell Tracks list
Rembrandts, The Songs list
Remy Martin Tracks list
Renea, Priscilla Tracks list
Renée Harris, Charles Valentino, Ben Harney & Ken Prymus Songs list
Renee Sandstrom Songs list | Tracks list
REO Speedwagon Songs list
Republic Tigers, The Songs list | Tracks list
Reri Grist Songs list
Residente Calle 13 Tracks list
Restless Heart Songs list
Rev Theory Songs list | Albums list | Tracks list
Rev. F. W. McGee Songs list
Rev. J.M. Gates Songs list
Rev. Robert Wilkins Songs list
Revelation Theory Songs list | Albums list | Tracks list
Revelers Songs list
Rex Griffin Songs list
Rex Harrison Songs list
Rex Weber Songs list
Rexha, Bebe Songs list | Tracks list
Reyka Osburn Tracks list
Reykon Tracks list
RHCP Songs list | Albums list | Tracks list
Rhiannon Giddens Tracks list
Rhonda Vincent Tracks list
Rhymefest Tracks list
Rhythmettes, The Songs list
Ricardo Arjona Tracks list
Ricardo Montalbán Songs list
Ricchini, Bill Songs list | Tracks list
Rice-Oxley, Tim Tracks list

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