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A Crescendo of Passion Bleeding Cradle of Filth
A Croft in Clachan (The Ballad of Rob MacDunn) Johnny Cash
A Cross and a Girl Named Blessed Evans Blue
A Cup of Coffee Katy Perry
A Cup of Coffee Johnny Cash
A Dangerous Meeting King Diamond
A Dark Congregation The Hush Sound
A Darkness Coming Katatonia
A Day in My Life Five Finger Death Punch
A Day in the Death Testament
A Day In The Grand Canyon Johnny Cash
A Day in the Life The Beatles
A Day of Reckoning Testament
A Day Of... Biffy Clyro
A Day Without Me U2
A Dead Man's Words Queensrÿche
A Dear John Letter Bonny Owens & Fuzzy Owen
A Devil in God's Country Lamb of God
A Diamond and a Tether Death Cab for Cutie
A Diamond in the Mind Duran Duran
A Different Kind of Love Paul Simon
A Different Side of Me Allstar Weekend
A Different World Korn
A Dirge Testament
A Dream Mary J. Blige
A Dream Jay Z
A Dream Come True Elton John & Leon Russell
A Dream of Wolves in the Snow Cradle of Filth
A Dreamer's Holiday The Fontane Sisters & Perry Como
A Drop in the Ocean Javier Colon
A Drunk Can't Be a Man Willie Nelson, George Jones & Merle Haggard
A Fair Judgement Opeth
A Farewell to Kings Rush
A Fast Song Johnny Cash
A Favor House Atlantic Coheed and Cambria
A Fear of Being Alone The Exies
A Few Good Men Dropkick Murphys
A Few Old Memories Dolly Parton
A Few Small Bruises Maria Mena
A Film Called (Pimp) Common
A Fistful of Ice-Cream Mark Knopfler
A Flash and a Feeling Slash
A Flat Staind
A Fleeting Glance Opeth
A Flood Strong Enough to Consume the House Silent Planet
A Fool for You Neil Diamond
A Fool Such As I Hank Snow
A Forest The Cure
A Fortune in Lies Dream Theater
A Frame Without a Picture Paul Simon

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