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As Dust Dances Biffy Clyro
As Far as I Could Get Florence and the Machine
As Good as I Once Was Toby Keith
As Heaven Is Wide Garbage
As Hope and Promise Fade Chris Cornell
As I Am Dream Theater
As I Am Miley Cyrus
As I Am Goo Goo Dolls
As I Am (Intro) Alicia Keys
As I Come of Age Stephen Stills
As I Was Saying Jack Johnson
As I Was Saying (4-track demo) Jack Johnson
As I Went Out One Morning Bob Dylan
As I'm Leaving David Gray
As If Neil Diamond
As It Is Sepultura
As It Was, As It Soon Shall Be Exodus
As Long As I Fall Helloween
As Long As I Have You Elvis Presley
As Long as I Live Diana Krall
As Long as I Live The Bailes Brothers
As Long as I Love Dolly Parton
As Long as I Love Diana Krall
As Long As I Love You James Brown
As Long as It's Not About Love Dio
As Long as the Grass Shall Grow Peter La Farge
As Long as We Got Love Javier Colon
As Long as We're in Love Ronan Keating
As Long As You Love Me Backstreet Boys
As Long as You Love Me Justin Bieber
As Lovely As You Alan Jackson
As Low as it Gets Mark Knopfler
As Much As Always Dolly Parton
As Much As I Can Give You Girl Ronan Keating
As One Dropkick Murphys
As She's Walking Away Alan Jackson
As Soon as I Touched Him Randy Crawford
As Sure As I'm Standing Here Barry Manilow
As the Crow Flies David Gray
As The Crow Flies Thrice
As the Palaces Burn Lamb of God
As the Ruin Falls Thrice
As the Seasons Grey Testament
As the Sleeper Awakes Soilwork
As the World Falls Down David Bowie
As the World Is Burning The Cataracs
As The World Turns 50 Cent
As the World Turns Eminem
As Time Goes By Frances Williams
As We Eternally Sleep On It Moonspell

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