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A.I. (feat. Peter Gabriel) Oh My My 2016
All Fall Down Dreaming Out Loud 2007
All the Right Moves Waking Up 2009
All These Things Oh My My 2016
All This Time Waking Up 2009
All We Are Dreaming Out Loud 2007
Apologize Dreaming Out Loud 2007
Apologize (Remix) Dreaming Out Loud 2007
Apologize (Remix) (Timbaland presents OneRepublic) Dreaming Out Loud 2007
Au Revoir Native 2013
Better Oh My My 2016
Better (String version) Oh My My 2016
Born Oh My My 2016
Burning Bridges Native 2013
Burning Bridges (Acoustic version) Native 2013
Can't Stop Native 2013
Choke Oh My My 2016
Colors Oh My My 2016
Come Home (feat. Sara Bareilles) Dreaming Out Loud 2007
Counting Stars Native 2013
Don't Look Down Native 2013
Dream Oh My My 2016
Dreaming Out Loud Dreaming Out Loud 2007
Everybody Loves Me Waking Up 2009
Fear Waking Up 2009
Feel Again Native 2013
Feel Again (Fred Falke club remix) Native 2013
Fingertips Oh My My 2016
Future Looks Good Oh My My 2016
Good Life Waking Up 2009
Goodbye, Apathy Dreaming Out Loud 2007
Heaven Oh My My 2016
Heaven (Acoustic version) Oh My My 2016
Human Oh My My 2016
I Lived Native 2013
If I Lose Myself Native 2013
If I Lose Myself (Acoustic version) Native 2013
If I Lose Myself (Alesso vs. OneRepublic) Native 2013
If I Lose Myself (Alesso vs. OneRepublic) Native 2013
It's a Shame Waking Up 2009
Kids Oh My My 2016
Let's Hurt Tonight Oh My My 2016
Life in Color Native 2013
Lift Me Up Oh My My 2016
Light It Up Native 2013
Love Runs Out Native 2013
Lullaby Waking Up 2009
Made for You Waking Up 2009
Marchin On Waking Up 2009
Mercy Dreaming Out Loud 2007
Missing Persons 1 & 2 Waking Up 2009
NbHD (feat. Santigold) Oh My My 2016
Oh My My (feat. Cassius) Oh My My 2016
Passenger Waking Up 2009
Preacher Native 2013
Prodigal Dreaming Out Loud 2007
Say (All I Need) Dreaming Out Loud 2007
Secrets Waking Up 2009
Someone to Save You Dreaming Out Loud 2007
Something I Need Native 2013
Something's Gotta Give Native 2013
Stop and Stare Dreaming Out Loud 2007
Sucker Punch Waking Up 2009
The Less I Know Oh My My 2016
Trap Door Waking Up 2009
Tyrant Dreaming Out Loud 2007
Waking Up Waking Up 2009
What You Wanted Native 2013
What You Wanted (Acoustic version) Native 2013
Wherever I Go Oh My My 2016
Won't Stop Dreaming Out Loud 2007

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